Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Bluprint Free Creativity Care Package

I hope all of you are staying in and safe. I have my four kids at home; we are laying low and finally getting around to all the big plans I've accumulated for crafts and cooking. If you also have kids under your wing 24/7, check out my new page of activities. Additionally, you may want to register for the free Bluprint Creativity Care Package if you have never subscribed to Bluprint. Otherwise, you have access to a $40 annual subscription.

Bluprint is offering a free Creativity Care Package from March 26 at 12 pm EST to April 9. Stay healthy and productive at home during this unprecedented time. Blueprint is a creativity at-home resource, providing ways to nourish your creative hearts and minds, all at home, to sustain and connect during this uncertain time with the Creativity Care Package designed to help families make the most of their time together. 

Bluprint is an NBCUniversal online creative learning platform that provides ways for the entire family to nourish creativity from home, offering rich learning experiences for all ages. You can stream 1,000s of creative education classes ranging including knitting, sewing, baking, drawing, and crafts. Find classes, patterns, and projects for all skill levels at this one-stop destination. 

During the 14 day event, Bluprint will provide free access to their full slate of content; including more than 1,300 classes and series and hundreds of step by step project tutorials and patterns, making this the perfect time to learn a new craft or hobby.

Craft More Happy Moments with our FREE Creativity Care Package 3/26-4/9/20! Watch over 1,300 creative education classes ranging from sewing, cooking, family crafts, and more!

If you're hoping to hold on to a particular class for longer, take advantage of the National Craft Month special. Get any class for $10 with the promo code CREATE10. This deal is only good through March.

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