Sunday, May 5, 2013

Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild May Challenge

Each member of the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild chose a color from a bag. I chose aqua. This was to be combined with green in honor of emerald being chosen as the pantone color of the year. In addition, we were to use white, black, or gray as the background color to create a modern block that would finish at 12".  Our blocks will be combined into a raffle quilt to support our charitable efforts.

I used the quilt below from Elizabeth Hartman at Oh, Fransson! as inspiration.

I created the block featured below using Kona solids. I took a rectangle of the green and a rectangle of the aqua, and sewed a 1" strip of white between them. I continued cutting parallel lines and inserting 1" white strips. When I was satisfied with the spacing, I made several cuts going perpendicular to my original cuts. I flipped some of the strips 180 degrees. I sewed them all back together with 1" white strips. To get the block 12 1/2", I made a white border. After all, cutting and adding a 1" strip doesn't actually make the block any larger, as it takes up 1" in the seam allowance.

These are the blocks the group collectively generated. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Well, that depends. Are you thinking, "How in the world are those widely varied blocks going to go together and make anything remotely cohesive?" or, as the non-editorialized version probably went, " How the heck is that ever going to look good?" I have no idea! If it were up to me, my control-freaky tendencies would probably get the best of me and I'd nix the idea of putting these together in favor of completely starting over. However, I have faith in our construction committee. I eagerly await whatever they decide. If you have any ideas about how to make this work, leave a comment on this post.

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  1. I was thinking exactly what you were thinking. Maybe with a whole lot of sashing... these blocks could possibly... no. I don't know how that is going to work. I really hope to become a true member of the MQG - disaster always strikes on the day of the meetings and I have only been to one. I do enjoy seeing what you create, Afton. Thanks for sharing.