Saturday, May 28, 2016

Quilt Market Schoolhouse

I'm back with more coverage from Quilt Market Schoolhouse. If you missed my post on the Cotton + Steel Schoolhouse, feel free to check it out.
Lizzy House shared projects made from her Whisper Palette collection that has already made it to stores. I did notice that the Unicorn Dream print had a darker value in comparison to the other prints.

Alison Glass showed us what she has in store: Handcrafted Patchwork, Insignia (which is like a solid, but with a tiny pictures every now and again), and Seventy Six. Patterns that have been available in Alison's shop had been remade in the new Handcrafted line.

I also attend a Schoolhouse session presented by Pat Sloan, who reminded shop owners of Aurifil's free Designer of the Month series.

In another session, Violet Craft showed off her newest patterns and House of Hoppington fabric line.

I learned all about Angela Walter's sequel to Shape by ShapeShape by Shape Collection II.

Mona brought together a room of designers to announce their free BOM, Be Our Neighbor.

And to think, all this happened before Market even officially started. I'll dish on that next.
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Friday, May 27, 2016

Schoolhouse - Cotton & Steel and the Rifle Paper Company

Quilt Market is a trade show, which took place in Salt Lake this month. The day before Market officially opens, Schoolhouse is held. Fabric manufactures, notion companies, publishers, and the like give 15-30 minute presentations to show all there latest innovations. The Premiere Schoolhouse, the first session of the day, and the only one held in its time slot, was Cotton + Steel presents Rifle Paper Company. In addition to new collections from the usual contributors, Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Company introduced Les Fleurs. Are you ready for some photo bombardment? Here goes...

I'll say goodbye for now, but never fear, I'll have more Schoolhouse coverage before you miss me!
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Angela Walters Visits the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild

While in Salt Lake for Quilt Market, I decided to see if the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild would be meeting when I was in town. Remarkably, not only was there a meeting, but they were having an extraordinary guest speaker, Angela Walters. She is well-spoken and personable. What's more, she humored my paparazzi-like bombardment with a smile.
Angela showed quilts  from her two new books, Shape by Shape Collection II and The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.
She provided tips for securing raw edge appliqué including securing with a row of pebbles or a serpentine stitch. She reminded the group that not every section or block has to contain identical quilting.
She also gave pointers such as, "Use quilting to highlight what you want to emphasize; save your effort for where you're going to see it."
Angela shared a beautiful medallion she created for The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.
We got a sneak peek of a quilt featuring Tula Pink's new fabric collection, Slow & Steady.
Angela advised us to use points and lines on the quilt as a guide for quilting.
She also suggested using quilting to break up the space into chunks.
She explained how cornerstones can solve the problem of rounding border corners.
If you live near Salt Lake, or will be visiting during a SLMQG meeting, I recommend you seek out this welcoming, talented group. It was an inspirational joy to be amongst them.
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Thimbleweeds Outdoor Quilt Show 2016

Annually, the Thimbleweeds quilt guild of Rio Rancho, New Mexico host an outdoor quilt show. Guild members bring armloads of their favorite quilts and high hopes for favorable weather to Veteran's Memorial Park. A bake sale, raffle quilt, harp players, record music, and bubble-blowing machine all contribute to an ambience that is uniquely Thimbleweeds.

To thank their facilitator who has served the group for almost 15 years, members contributed to a quilt, which was presented to her at the show.
There was certainly no shortage of beautiful quilts to appreciate. Enjoy!

Quilts by Ardith Alumbaugh
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