Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Quilt Con 2022 Favorites Part II

I'm back (finally) with more glorious quilts from QuiltCon.

Pride and Joy by Veruschka Zarate is a phenomenal foundation paper-pieced self-portrait composed of 2,359 shapes and 20 Moda Bella solids, and took 4 months to create. Veruschka was going to a modern, impressionistic look.

Pride and Joy by Veruschka Zarate @prideandjoyquilting

Pride and Joy by Veruschka Zarate @prideandjoyquilting

Bit Flip is Christine Perrigo's hommage to her former career as a software engineer. The darker green represents a bit flip (where a 1 is changed to a 0, or vice versa, in binary code. A hexadecimal number for "panic" is incorporated into the quilting, and the binding contains a hidden bit. While this convergence of analog and digital goes oner my head, I do love the varied dark hues and improvisation style of this personal work.

Bit Flip by Christine Perrigo @ccpquilt

There's something so soothing about the tones in Sealights by Paola Machetta. The piece was inspired by abstract features existing within an Italian seascape.

Sealights by Paola Machetta @thecultofquilt

The Big Fib, a whimsical take on the Fibonacci Swirl, is a introspective look at Imposter Syndrome. Brandy Maslowski gies a visual representation of her leap from art to modern quilter in this piece.

The Big Fib by Brandy Maslowski @QuilteronFire, Quilted by Sam Alberts of Quilting Curve Studio

The Big Fib by Brandy Maslowski @QuilteronFire, Quilted by Sam Alberts of Quilting Curve Studio

Falling Folds by Claire Victor depicts pieces of folded origami paper. Domestic machine shadow quilting repeats the English Paper Pieced design within the background.

Falling Folds by Claire Victor @cvquilts

Caroline Hadley based Sketch off a design from a series she draws weekly to share on social media. She paper-pieced the triangles, and made sure the striped print went the same direction in every triangle.

Sketch by Caroline Hadley @geometriquilt, Quilted by Valerie Cooper of Sweet Gum Quilting

Little Snippets is Abigail Sheridan de Graaff's personal challenge to insert the skinniest strips possible while maintaining consistent width, using only two solid colors. The design was improvised with just a simple line drawing. The quilting is meant to compliment the piecing using ghost shapes.

Little Snippets by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff @cutandalter

So do you have any plans to attend shows this season or next. things appear to be back up and running, but hotel rooms are in short supply, so I'm up in the air at the moment.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

QuiltCon 2022 Favorites Part I

I came. I saw. I took a whole slew of pictures...at QuiltCon 2022. My long awaited opportunity to skip town and meet up with some of my quilting buddies finally came. Moreover, I managed to bring back inspiration without bringing back infection. Whoo hoo! 

Take the Stairs (which means there's no easy way to reach a goal) by Charles Cameron was inspired by a 1965 Bruno Morassutti and Enzo Mari work. It's a take on how focusing on process over product brings personal growth.

Take the Stairs by Charles Cameron @FeltLikeSweets, Quilted by Carrie Hauser @lovebuglongarming

Memories of a pink velvet story time chair are reflected upon in the paper-pieced Aunt Sophie's Chair by Susan Brakeman. This is another example of color transitioning and negative space increasing as you transition across the quilt.

Aunt Sophie's Chair by Susan Brakeman @wildpoppyquilts

Falling Stars by Tighe Flanagan is a deconstruction of a traditional twelvefold geometric pattern. The entire quilt is composed of triangular patchwork units. Off-white ghost units were used to create negative space. 

Falling Stars by Tight Flanagan @tigheflanagan

Celebration by Irene Roderick plays with improvisational curves made with thin strips, and represents fireworks.

Celebration by Irene Roderick @hixsonir

Claire Victor English Paper Pieced shapes resembling pyramids with stiff ribbon piercing through them in Piercing Pyramids. The domestic machine quilting is meant to mimic ribbons.

Piercing Pyramids by Claire Victor @cvquilts

There were so many great quilts, so I hope to be back soon with more.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Citified Blog Tour

I'm pleased to be a proud participant in the Island Batik Citified Blog Tour. This luscious collection of sunset-inspired hues is the signature line of my dear friend, Sherry, who I last saw at QuiltCon, since she moved away from Albuquerque. 😭 But enough blubbering about that. Let's all find some consolation in beautiful fabric, shall we? I find that gorgeous batiks and chocolate help many sorrows, or at least it's worth a try.

Signature lines are designed by in-house Island Batik Designer Kathy Engle. 

Sherry created the patterns featured in the Citified catalog. This batch of her designs (shown below) is quite impressive. You can pick them up from her Payhip or Etsy shops. Check out her blog page for a giveaway.

Citified is currently shipping, and comes in yardage, as well as precuts including 10" squares and 2.5" strips. Check the Store Locator to find local shops that carry Island Batik.

Check out my wall-hanging using my mixable Rolling Diamond blocks, available as a digital, printable set of over a dozen 14" interchangeable paper-pieced block options in my Payhip store

Paper-piecing instruction is not provided in he pattern, but you can find several YouTube videos demonstrating the process. Do remember to make sure your printer scale is set to 100%, because that can cause major sizing issues. I put four together with a 1 1/4" border for a simple project. The fabric requirements are four cream and eight vibrantly colored fat quarters. This gives you some leeway depending on your paper-piecing efficiency.

In thanks for dropping by, pick up your free pattern for the Double Diamond block (top right in the quilt) from my Payhip shop. 

I have several more layouts for the blocks in the works, so come back for more fun. Also, check out the other participants throughout the coming weeks.
March 8 – Sherry Shish of Powered By Quilting
March 9 – Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis
March 11 – Kate Starcher of Katie Mae Quilts
March 12 – Leanne Parsons of Devoted Quilter
March 13 – Sally Williams of Paleofish Designs
March 14 – Afton Warrick of Quilting Mod
March 15 – Sarah Vanderburgh of Sew Joy Creations
March 16 – Jen Strauser of Dizzy Quilter
March 17 – Kathryn LeBlanc of Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio
March 18 – Laura Piland of Slice of Pi Quilts
March 19 – Anja Clyke of Anja Quilts
March 20 – Sherry Shish of Powered By Quilting