Friday, September 22, 2017

Today's Tidbits

I have an announcement! No people, I'm not pregnant, even if that's what Amazon thinks. I'm going to be a guest on American Patchwork & Quilting hosted by Pat Sloan. 

Tune in to see how many skeletons I can pull out of the closet in a dozen minutes flat. It's a live show, so there won't be any editing. I hope this doesn't go down like on Project Runway when a designer neglects to use a discerning eye and the judges start to question the contestant's taste level.

In other news, I finished my block for Simone of Quiltalicious. She designed a foundation paper-pieced Grand Teton block. I decided to go with a food theme.

Cade turned two. His skills include taking off both shoes and socks in the van and launching them into the best hiding spots, as well as 100% accuracy in making sure that the one button he pushes in an elevator is the one that calls the emergency operator.

Declan is coming up on his third month. He's nursing better, thank goodness. He's gained three pounds, bringing him up to the first percentile. Way to make it on the chart, Wee Smidgeon.

My seven year old lives for Minecraft and the four year old made it into a free charter preschool. They wear uniforms. She insists on wearing her khaki skirt backwards so it looks like a pencil skirt in the front with pleats in the back. Even if you get her righted out in the morning, she'll twist the thing around the first time you let her sneak off to the restroom.

The Blue Moon Quilt Group had a recent, moon-themed swap. I decided to bust out my silk stash. Except, you see, I don't know a thing about using silk. But I do like how well it shows off the texture brought out by quilting. I discovered that it's prone to puncture wound via needle, likes to fray, and doesn't respond well to a glue stick or seam ripper. I wanted to highlight the free-motion, and used Dale Fleming's method for piecing the circle. You can see the other quilts at Renee and Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl's posts.

Photo by Renee of Quilts of a Feather

At times, I feel like blogging mommy topics, but it's a tricky realm to not get wildly controversial, as options vary widely. (Maybe it's my heart's secret desire to YouTube myself trying out all the toys so I can justify having them. 😉). There's a local group that tackles parenting topics with more tact than I'm prone to have, the Albuquerque Mom's Blog. The group recently organized a much-anticipated Mom's Night Out at the Spur Line Supply Company, which is like a well-curated Pinterest board come to life. I am very grateful to have won Invisiline treatment donated by Cornali & McDonald, and am looking forward to straighter teeth.

Another event I recently attended was the Femcity Business Expo, which brings up a question for all of you. How do you go about introducing non-quilters to what you do without it taking a, "I have this giant bag of t-shirts..." direction? While I respect the craft of making t-shirt quilts, it is in the same way as I appreciate a fine pant hemming.

I hope you will all listen to the verbal workings of a sleep-deprived fabric enthusiast come Monday.
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