Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Kid's Christmas Gift Guide

While I'm usually all quilting, all the time on my blogging home, I thought I'd lead a had to parents or grandparents that want to keep in good graces this holiday. Since I have four kids of my own, I have some experience with toys kids like, without the items driving parents to the brink of insanity. (Affiliate links and expert advice 😏 included here.)

Provided the kids are beyond the stage putting-everything-in-their-mouth stage (and the moment I said my kids knew better, they'd show everyone I gave them too much credit), LEGO bricks are awesome. You can find all their favorite things such as Mario, Minecraft, Disney, or Harry Potter in a variety of prices. LEGO sets don't make noise, and durable, and have a minimal storage footprint. The only bother is that kids tend to make critical pieces magically vanish, and some sets can be up there in price.

For all kids, including those of younger ages, Magna Tiles are fantastic. They are indestructible and kids remain interested through the years. Do get the name brand, in spite of the cost, because they attach successfully, no matter how you connect them. You can also add additional sets later without compatibility issues.
For mimicry, Melissa and Doug is a dependable brand. The play sets come with a warranty and clear instructions. The parts lock together with incredible durability. I have the Star Diner, and my little one has stood on the table a time or two without his full weight bringing it down. Use coupon code CYBERWEEK for 24% off $75+.

My kids also enjoy their play food sets, especially the ones with hook and faster attachments that allow for the foods to be cut into pieces.

For a small, quiet, inexpensive, portable toy, I love the Water Wow! books.
For small children, Little People are a classic. There are such fun sets available.

For elementary-aged kids, Imaginext sets are awesome because of the interactive cause and effect elements. The figure legs serve as a key to toggle elements of the play sets.

Encouraging reading is a major plus. If you invest in a Kindle, e-books can be checked out from the local library.

What have been your favorite gifts for kids? And what have been the biggest banes of your existence?

FYI December 2021

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