Thursday, February 20, 2020

Quilt Market: Figo

FIGO Fabrics, Northcott's modern division, had a lovely, paneled display for each of their upcoming collections at Quilt Market.

Dana Willard of MADE Everyday has such whimsy and joyfulness in her collections. I can't resist the animal cookie print in her Butterscotch collection coming this March. The Sadie Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting is shown below.

Shown below is the Free London Dress by Violette Field Threads.

DIY by Amy van Luijk, "captures the feelings of creative delight of time spent making," as stated in the lookbook. Featured projects include the Art Smock by Oliver + S, the free Oslo Craft Bag pattern by Sew Sweetness, Stitch Happens by Kelli Fannin, and Big Blocks Quilt by Jemima Flendt of Tied with a Ribbon.

Polar Magic is a holiday fiesta courtesy of Annie Chen of Lemonni. Projects include the Oaklyn Dress by Violette Field Threads, the Tied with  Ribbon Christmas Cheer Advent Calendar, and the Prairie Tracks Quilt by Cotton + Joy.

Glasshouse by Emily Taylor is reminiscent of Victorian hot houses, and a sizable collection with 25 cottons and four rayons across two colorways (pink & blue).  Check out the Lakeside Pajamas by Grainline Studio and the King's Dash by Satterwhite Quilts.

American Road Trip by Jacqueline Colley is inspired by American pop culture and completely fun, as seen in the Rainbow Falls quilt by Wren Collective, Sweet Treats Cushion by Jemima Flendt of Tied with a Ribbon, and the Mini Bondi Top by Sew to Grow.

Sangria by Marisol Ortega, a jewel-toned, berry-inspired collection, shows well in the CharliAnne Wrap Dress, Campfire Messenger Bag by Noodlehead, and Southwest Sunshine by Emily Denis of Quilty Love.

What's your favorite project?

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