Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cade Steven Warrick

Our third child, Cade Steven Warrick was born on September 10 at 2:03 am. He weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces, and was 20 3/4" long.

I went into labor at about 9 am. I paged my husband, Rob, at work so he'd be prepared to come home if things got more serious. Fortunately his manager sent him home, because by the time my son needed to be picked up from school, I was in no condition to drive.
After he picked up my son from school, I joined the rest of the family in the Swagger Wagon for a ride to the hospital. Shortly after reminding my husband not to get panicky and forget where he was going, he entered the turn lane a street early. On dysfunctional auto-pilot at this point, my husband began to turn amidst my cries of, "Wrong turn, wrong turn, WRONG TURN! Nooooooo! WHY!?!" He followed this up with insisting on going down an extra street rather turning down the next street and heading towards the hospital, assuring me there was a light. Well, there was. Except there was also a mandatory right turn that put us heading in the opposite direction than the hospital. Shrieks of, "Nooooooo!" resumed. My five year old began to get in on heckling Daddy. Fortunately, a left turn brought us into the ER loop that connects to the regular pull-through for the hospital. I'll never know, but I bet my husband breathed a sign of relief as he pulled away to drop my two kids off at a friend's house for their first ever sleep-over.
I proceeded to have a Maze Runner-esque experience as I discovered the set of elevators that leads to triage is not on the same side of the building as it was when I had my last child. Then I wondered the halls, asking strangers in the waiting room how to gain admittance into the secluded passageway. They directed me to a red phone into which I stated the passwords of the secret society. That or "Let me in, I'm in labor!" Noticing another pregnant lady, I quickly sped past her because all is fair in love and labor.
They gave me an empty room and a cup to pee in. (No wonder when I'm offered a "sample" at the grocery store, I'm revulsed.) They asked me questions such as whether I felt like killing anyone. I though back to my husband's detour on the way to the hospital and lied. I figured saying you momentarily contemplated your spouse's demise is probably not a prudent answer. In triage I waited a zillion years! My husband even made it back before I scored a delivery room and an IV. It isn't that I love IVs, but I learned from my previous, unintentionally unmedicated delivery, that you don't get an epidural until you're hooked up to the IV for a half hour. The anesthesiologist popped in and mentioned that I'd been moved to the top of the list thanks to my midwife. (Note to self: Get that woman a gift basket.) Yep, I'm not known for heroic behavior.
During labor, I discovered a couple things. First, a baby needs the right rotation for leaving the womb. Second, back labor is awful! Word has it that if Cade had been turned the proper way, I would have ended up with an unexpectedly quick delivery. It wasn't meant to be though; Cade needed more coercion in the form of me laying on my side with a giant peanut-shaped exercise ball (not an affiliate link, but just in case you're morbidly curious) between my legs. Eventually he was born just after 2 am. I am so grateful that he is healthy and adorable.
The pictures were taken by Jessica Inman, who I highly recommend if you live near Albuquerque, NM.

Epilogue: Cade had lost a pound by his first pediatricians appointment, so I've been focusing on plumping him up like a pig for the fair. Fortunately, he's gaining again and I'm no longer in the dog house with the doctor. (Am I the only one picturing this literally?) Cade sometimes sleeps for up to five hours at a time, which had previously been unheard of for my babies, so I tend to frequently check for vitals due to paranoia. Cade enjoys staring at lights, and chuckles during his sleep. His siblings adore him. I still look pregnant, and get asked when I'm due more often than I'd like to admit if out and about, but not holding Cade. I'm determined not to care about this until I've depleted the generous gifts of food/dessert brought by the wonderful church ladies and other dear friends.

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