Friday, May 27, 2016

Schoolhouse - Cotton & Steel and the Rifle Paper Company

Quilt Market is a trade show, which took place in Salt Lake this month. The day before Market officially opens, Schoolhouse is held. Fabric manufactures, notion companies, publishers, and the like give 15-30 minute presentations to show all there latest innovations. The Premiere Schoolhouse, the first session of the day, and the only one held in its time slot, was Cotton + Steel presents Rifle Paper Company. In addition to new collections from the usual contributors, Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Company introduced Les Fleurs. Are you ready for some photo bombardment? Here goes...

I'll say goodbye for now, but never fear, I'll have more Schoolhouse coverage before you miss me!
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  1. Oh they are so pretty - what a treat to get to see them up close!

  2. I can see that my Schoolhouse tack -- of sitting in the back of the room -- was a mistake. You have some great photos here! Fun to see that last quilt, because I picked up a bundle of their ginghams at SSpree.

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