Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hope Circle of Do. Good Stitches - December

Thanks to Hollie, who is taking some time off as she is about to have twins, an opening presented itself in the Hope Circle of Do. Good Stitches. I will be following in her footsteps, by making quilt blocks--NOT HAVING TWINS. With squeals of glee, that perplexed my husband, I discovered my approval for inclusion in this delightful group of Flickr-posting do-gooders. Admitted, I got a little carried away pulling scraps of pink and orange and taking my rotary cutter to them for Ellen's December blocks. It was all fun and games until it came time to match up points. Oh well! I was in too deep by then to turn back. My obsessive compulsive nature forced me to employ my most-used notion--the seam ripper. However, after all was ripped and resewn, these beauties were shipped off to their rightful next destination.

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