Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jacquie Gering's Log Cabin - Modern Makeover

This past Sunday, I was privileged to take a workshop hosted by the New Mexico Quilters' Association and presented by Jacquie Gering. Jacquie co-authored "Quilting Modern" and is the Chairwoman of the Modern Quilt Guild Board.

The class I attend was Log Cabin - Modern Makeover. I was impressed with Jacquie's skill at developing a wide variety of modernized variations on a traditional block. 

The elongated log cabin was one example. Jacquie's version is called "Not Lost in the Woods" and features a great woodgrain print on the back.

Scandia Crush and Orange Crush are examples of minimalist log cabin blocks. As Jacquie says, "It doesn't get more minimal than this (referring to the block consisting of a single square)."

Jacquie encouraged her students to explore improvisation. The "Anything Goes" block certainly captures this sentiment.

The air log cabin works negative space to its advantage.

While Jacquie's television quilt was a bit too whimsical to be included in her book, it does not change her affection for this clever design, and she has no regrets about the adorable antennas. 

The tunnel log cabin is stunning in its simplicity.

Who knew scraps could be so beautiful?

Jacquie even showed the group how to plan for the anticipated size of our blocks and to piece together blocks of varying sizes into a quilt top.

Under Jacquie's guidance, our group had a very productive day.

Jacquie's workshop was both fun and informative. I miss her already.

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  1. Great post, Afton! I love all her quilts but love the antennas the most!