Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pattern Sales on Craftsy

You may be familiar with the online learning platform, Craftsy. However, did you know that Craftsy also allows you to sell patterns in their online pattern store without charging a commission on your sales or a monthly fee? I've listed some free pdf patterns at my Quilting Mod Craftsy Store.

 If you are interested in selling patterns on Craftsy, here's how:

(This post contains affiliate links which means I will be compensated if you purchase after clicking these links.)
1. Make sure you have a Paypal account. All pattern transactions happen through Paypal, and Craftsy requires that you have an account in order to sell patterns.
2. Put your pattern in .pdf format. You can’t upload any patterns to the online pattern store unless they’re a .pdf file format, so if they’re in a different file format, you must convert it to a .pdf before you upload it to Craftsy.
3. Include a photo. All patterns must have at least one photo to accompany them, but you can add up to five photos.
4. Fill out the pattern description. Make sure you have info about your pattern handy for this step.

For more information on how to sell a pattern through Craftsy, or to get started, visit Craftsy today!

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  1. This is great info. Thanks for sharing. Now I guess I should make some patterns to sell!