Monday, February 23, 2015

Odds & Ends

My menagerie has a new addition, Mr. Hippo. (Clever and original name, right?) He was designed by Juliet at The Tartankiwi, and will be released shortly.
Hippo by Juliet @ The Tartankiwi @ Quilting Mod
Why did I need a hippo? If you remember Mr.Elephant, you might realize that he's been a little lonely pinned up to the wall, all by his lonesome, ever since October. I hope that if he has a friend, others might join him, and someday there may be a whole zoo of animals pieced together into a quilt.
Elephant by Juliet @ The Tartankiwi @ Quilting Mod
I used the same batiks to bring some continuity to the two. Yes, I realize batiks aren't viewed as the most modern material, but they are pretty, and I got a little bit carried away at an inventory reduction sale so it's time to consume.
Unrelated to my growing animal population, I've sent away one Super-Sized Scrappy Tiles Block. At 24" square, it's a big one! Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs asked for a scrappy, monochromatic look in her favorite color, blue.
Super-Sized Scrappy Tiles Block by Meadow Mist Designs @ Quilting Mod
I've received my quilt top back from the Modern Quilting Facebook Group Round Robin. I love all the fun details everyone added.
Modern Quilting Facebook Group Round Robin @ Quilting Mod
I'll be back soon with some insights from Quilt Con, so don't be a stranger!
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  1. Hippos in real life totally gross me out. Your version is completely delightful, however, and I do like the continuity of fabrics in the blocks.

  2. Adorable! I tend to think that batiks get a bad rap from the modern quilting community generally, too. I have a lot of batik scraps and I need to work on using them!

  3. I love your hippo block! And I think batiks are great for animals- they give some more realistic coloring!

  4. They are pretty fabrics and suit the elephant and the hippo really well - I like them!

  5. I think your elephant block is the best one I've seen using that pattern! Love the hippo too.

  6. I love Yvonne's comment! :). And I agree, something about the visual texture of batiks is perfect for animals.

  7. That hippo is fantastic!

  8. Wow your animals are really cool. Especially like that elephant and his tail. I got to meet Cheryl at QuiltCon. Guess you were there too. So much fun.

  9. I feel terrible for missing you at QuiltCon, even though you were just a few seats down at the keynote. :( That round robin quilt is spectacular! I can't wait to see how you finish it up. :D

  10. Love that elephant! And loved all of the pictures that you posted on IG during Quilt Con! Looking forward to your recap.

  11. OK, so I am not a batik fan, but I love the hippo and elephant patterns. How clever they are! I also agree that the batik colours suit the blocks and add to a jungle-like feel. Great choice.

  12. Love your version of the hippo!

  13. I would have never thought of using batiks for the animals. The blocks are looking great!