Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quilt Festival: Innovative Aplique Quilts

Today I'm going to take you on a little stroll around the Innovative Appliqué section of Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.
First place went to Molly Hamilton-McNally for Reborn. This needle turn appliqué piece represents Molly's journey from darkness and depression to light and happiness through the art of quilting.

Reborn by Molly Hamilton-McNally @ Quilting Mod
Reborn by Molly Hamilton-McNally

Charming Chinz, a completely hand-done "welcome the family" for a very fortunate daughter-in-law, was awarded second place. Linda Roy is sure a mother-in-law to beat all. Any bachelors with a mother like that fill the top rungs of the eligible bachelor ladder.

Charming Chinz by Linda Roy @ Quilting Mod
Charming Chinz by Linda Roy

Gouldians in the Jade Vine gives the viewer a glimpse into Ruth's tropical Australian garden, with its jade vines and Gouldian finches. Techniques employed include hand appliqué, confetti piecing, embroidery, and machine quilting.
Gouldians in the Jade Vine by Ruth Bloomfield @ Quilting Mod
Gouldians in the Jade Vine by Ruth Bloomfield
If there were an award for best use of unprecedented materials, I could see Rodeo by Cathy Wiggins taking it home by a wide margin. Given that I just made up that category, it was awarded an Honorable Mention instead. Cathy long-armed layered deer hides and appliquéd hair-on cow hides by hand through hand-punched holes.
Rodeo by Cathy Wiggins @ Quilting Mod
Rodeo by Cathy Wiggins
What's the most unconventional material you've ever used in a quilt?
See you later for more Quilt Festival fun!
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  1. I cut up a pair of twill pants that had shrunk in the wash and were too short for me but otherwise in good shape. It made nice binding for a donation quilt. I know it's going to stand up to a lot of washing!

  2. I have never used anything unconventional in a quilt. I like that all the action is in the top in that 3rd quilt. The last quilt is truly amazing.