Thursday, January 28, 2016

Quilt Festival: Hoffman Challenge

It's about time I showed you more gorgeousness from the Houston International Quilt Festival, isn't it? How about a special exhibit? Every year Hoffman Fabrics sponsors the Hoffman Challenge. Quilters, doll makers, and clothing designers are invited to create original work using a selected fabric. I'm going to tour you around some of my personal favorites.
The camels in the third place appliqué winner, Caravan by Nancy Dickey, have personality and fashion down pat.
Caravan by Nancy Dickey

The Best Incorporation of the Fabric-Pieced winner seems to have used the Stack-n-Whack technique. The hexagons appear to fade off into the distance as they near the upper right corner.
Sidetracked to Marrakesh byApril Wicker

Jars of Clay by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer received second place for appliqué.
Jars of Clay by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
For your reference, this is what the challenge fabric looked like.
Check out the rest of the winners if you like, or even enter this year's challenge.
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