Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Green Gridlock

Ever so slowly, I've been chipping away at my my vast collection of UFOs. I completed a top consisting of blocks pieced by guild members for the purpose of supplying a quilt for a charity organization's fundraiser.
I added sashing with dark green cornerstones, before finishing the top off with a 3" border. I made the quilt as large as possible with the blocks that had already been pieced, which resulted in a 3 x 4 layout. As an added bonus, this size doesn't need the back to be pieced since it measured shy of 43". If you're hiring a long armer, they prefer more leeway (a back that is 8" larger in width and height that the quilt top), but on a domestic, it should be manageable.
In case you want to make your own, I've put the free pattern up on Craftsy.
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  1. I love it when a quilt top can use regular fabric for a backing! All the green makes me happy, we see so little of that color naturally in my area.

  2. So pretty. I also love the color green. Very pretty pattern also. Thank you for making the pattern available to us.

  3. This is gorgeous and I love the simplicity of a two color design!

  4. This is a very nice pattern and I just might hop over to Craftsy to get it. I love your guarantee.

  5. It took me a minute to figure out the block they sent, but I thought your use of the cornerstones really brilliant as it "continued" the pattern. And, of course, you made me laugh at the end--always a good thing!