Monday, February 20, 2017

Four is Greater Than One, A Blue Moon Quilt Group Quilt Con Charity Quilt

I'm so excited about today's big reveal! I'm especially excited because the complete work exceeds what I could hope to accomplish individually. I am so fortunate to have found astoundingly talented individuals to collaborate with, that are not only extraordinarily talented quilters, but wonderful people that encourage me with their friendship. I speak of the Blue Moon Quilt Group composed of Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl, Renee of Quilts of a Feather, Sara of Blue Quail Studio, and I. We decided to take part in the 2017 Quilt Con Charity Quilt Challenge, and this magnificent quilt is the result.
We chose to use the Storm at Sea Block as a foundation for our design. Yvonne transferred our ideas into a working design using Inkscape, and we all began to play with color options. You can read more about the process in Yvonne's introductory blog post.
We narrowed the color palette down to Fog, Lagoon, Gold, and Royal Michael Miller Cotton Couture Solids. The Blue Moon Quilt Group is very grateful to Michael Miller for generously supplying the fabric for this quilt.
Yvonne is a professional pattern designer, and she worked up pattern instructions and fabric requirements for us. We printed out paper-piecing units using EQ7. Everyone helped with the cutting, and Renee helped me label the units with the appropriate colors. All of us took part in the piecing. My (literally) small contribution was the center block.
Composed of 25 units and 141 pieces, the center block finished at 7" before sashing was added.
Renee and I pin basted the quilt, and Renee began what we refer to as "quilting the life into it." She did a spectacular job. When the 2016 Quilt Con Frameless Machine Quilting winner spends over three dozen hours turning her hard-earned talents into art, the results are incredible.
Moreover, she bound the quilt and added a sleeve and label before it was shipped off to Savannah, where you can see it in person if you will be in attendance at Quilt Con East. Speaking of, who's headed to Quilt Con?
I am so appreciative of the sponsors who enabled us to create our charity quilt; The Warm Company was kind enough to supply us with batting, and Aurifil provided the thread. Thank you Michael MillerThe Warm Company, and Aurifil!
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  1. Afton, it's incredible! Ya'll did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing the paperpieced block before quilting too! Can't wait to see it QuiltCon!

  2. I might write patterns, but paper piecing is a challenge! I am glad we had enough fabric even with my initial wrong guesses at sizes needed. And thank you so much for sewing the center: those tiny pieces daunted me!

  3. Totally amazing quilt! Great job working together and combining all of your unique skills and talents. XO

  4. I love your tiny block!

  5. You guys are awesome. I love your quilt and I'm impressed that you all work together to make such a great charity quilt. It would be fun to see it in person, but I'll be staying here, so I'm glad you wrote a blog post about it and let us know about this amazing, accomplishment.

  6. That is one amazing center block: yowsa!!! 141 pieces in 7"!!!! It's a beautiful looking quilt! Hugs, H