Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wonderland Quilt Along Block #4: Keys and Bottle

It's time for this month's Wonderland Quilt Along blocks. As a quick overview, I'll introduce one block a month for the year until we reach the final layout by the end of 2018. The top will finish at 46" x 60" with 3" borders attached, 40" x 54" without.

This month, you'll need to bring out those paper-piecing  skills. If you're new here, or to paper-piecing, you may want to check out the Block #2 tutorial.

You'll also need to download the pattern, and you might want to join the Facebook community of quilters making their own.

I recommend using a thin, strong cotton thread to keep the seams from getting too bulky. The only thread I use for paper-piecing is 50 wt Aurifil. I use a color that blends with the background. For this project, I have been using Aurifil #2021 Natural White.

We will be stepping it up a little with multiple units. Not to worry, the paper-piecing process is the same. They'll just be a few pieces to sew together, traditional-style, once the units are pieced and trimmed to the unfinished (with seam allowance included) size.

I like to do the first step (Cover Piece 1. Add Piece 2 by sewing along the line separating 1 & 2, with right sides together and a shortened stitch. Press open. Trim seam allowance.) on all of the units at the same time. Then I do the next step on all the pieces, and so on. This streamlines the process for me since it's less laps around the sewing room.

I tend to pull from my scraps or cut a piece that will generously cover each area, as determined by pinching on seam allowance side of the line and doing a test flip.

Some units get finished. As for the others, I just keep placing, piecing, and pressing.

Once all the units are completed, I sew them together with a 1/4" seam allowance.

And then, it all comes together!

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  1. I've discovered this late but it looks very interesting. I can't seem to find an intro that tells me finish size and timeline, although I can see they're monthly blocks, and block 1. Any chance of emailing me a link? Thanks!

    1. Read the story and find all the necessary links here:

  2. So beautiful block.I enjoying reading your post about this BOM. Many thanks!!

  3. Ahhhh! Just found you! I'm so joining in! I have a hoarded Rifle paper co bundle that needs to be used for this!