Thursday, March 29, 2018

Odori Quilt -- A Closer Look

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I gave you the quick rundown of the Odori Quilt during my previous post, which was part of the AGF Stitched with Kimberly Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop, but today I'm going to show you up-close quilting goodness. To make your own, gather the free quilt patterna kitbacking fabric,  and the Creative Grids Spider Web Ruler. If you prefer my fabric selections, seek out Campsite Sweets Capsules CampsiteEsoterra Night Dino TrailsLambkin Dim Keeping WatchBlithe Silver Galcier PathFusions Woodlands WreathedCampsite Capsules Fireflies GlowBlithe Philosopher's Dreams for the binding, and Curious Paws Capsules Nest for the background. I used 50 wt Aurifil White 2024Pumpkin 2150Light Beige 2310Mint 2830 and Forest Green 4026 for the quilting, as I wanted the quilting to create a complimentary texture for the piecing and prints. If you'd like to learn the free-motion designs I've incorporated, I'd love for you to enroll in my UNM Continuing Education classes, or if you're a distant reader, I'll give hyperlinks for Craftsy classes (when possible) that explore the techniques (sans my illustrious presence and quirky humor). For the best out-of-towner value, I recommend taking advantage of Craftsy's Ultimate Quilting Package, as a year of Craftsy Unlimited is included.

I played with different designs for each web ring. Below, I used a simple V in the inner section, ferny meander in the center and overlapping ribbon-candy on the outer ring.

Below (from outside in), I did a checkerboard with alternating back and forth filler, rulerwork arches filled with pebbles and loops, and back and forth filler with added circles.

I explored piano key lines, and curvy line and pebble combo, and a zig-zag.

Shown below are the geometric spiral, rulerwork arcs, spiral feathers, ribbon candy, wishbone, and back and forth.

While I varied my design on the webs, I consistently used a curved dot-to-dot design for the background.

The bracket continuous line design disguises itself in the center, surrounded by a ferny design.

I loved the effect of arcs in the center. Feathers and echoed curves follow. Back and forth filler, double v's and pebbles follow.

Next up, we have stacked triangles, and pebble-filled arches.

How about some double loops, meander and arcs?

Next up, the pebbles get larger, shadow flying geese appear, and pebbles fill echo lines.

Arcs, echo lines, and pebbles have an encore.

As do double v's and pebbles. A geometric echo takes on a trapezoid shape.

Welcome S curves, overlapping arches, and stacked arcs.

Cross-hatch curves have such a simple elegance. Piano keys reemerge.

Then come a few interlocking loops, more ribbon candy, and wishbone.

The piano keys are baaaaaack, as are some curvy lines filled with arcs. The center features continuous curves.

Wavy, wavy meets up with curved crosshatch and wishbone in the corner. I'm loving on the Blithe Philosopher's Dreams print for the binding.

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