Saturday, January 25, 2020

Quilt Market: Tula Pink

If it's wrong to need a unicorn head USB, then I don't want to be right. I present to you Tula Pink's HomeMade from FreeSpirit Fabrics, and the aforementioned accessory.

Homemade pays tribute to the motivating force that energizes makers to create with their hands.

The Decorative Stitches quilt designed by Stacey Day takes the fancy stitches made by a Bernina sewing machine to a grand scale.

The Happy Together quilt from Sew Kind of Wonderful, makers of the Quick Curve Ruler, looks really nice in HomeMade.

The "all things unicorn" trend is alive and well. Tula's doing her part with vibrant pink pins and USB drives in 4 different colors

The Spool for Love Quilt is a pattern for any sewist. (Turns out, use of the word "sewist" is highly controversial. Some don't like that sewer is where the Ninja Turtles live. Some don't identify with being a "seamstress"or "tailor", which makes me think you'd be likely to get numerous pant hemming requests. Some think "sewist" is a crime against grammar. As for my spell check, it wants me to write "sexist", which is perhaps even more controversial. Share your thoughts in the comments.) It is offered as a kit.

Tula offers pre-made zipper bags in three different sizes.

Will you be making something "HomeMade"?

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  1. I am happy with ‘sewer’. It makes me giggle.

  2. Everything is just lovely. When I see Tulsa fabrics on the shelves, my head spins, and I walk away. But when I see them used in projects, they are just stunning.

  3. I hate the word "sewist" as it sounds so trendy. I'm happy being a sewer, and no, I don't think that's the pool of sludge underground. You make me laugh with the sexist auto-correct, and no--we don't want to go there! Fun to see Tula stuff, and even though I'm a wee fatigured with her marketing pushes, I generally pick up a few pieces of every line to add to the stash. It's hard to get it to blend in a quilt with other fabrics (don't play nice with others), but who doesn't want to see a unicorn now and then?

  4. Is there a pattern for the large log cabin shown on the chairs?