Monday, March 30, 2020

Quilt Market: Michael Miller

How about a tour around the Michael Miller fall Quilt Market booth? And if you're bored with being all cooped up, check out the #makingitfun YouTube channel.

Michael Miller is celebrating 20 years. Remember when Polaroid quilts were everywhere you looked? Well, this is a pretty sweet flashback.

On the left you see Cotton Couture and the right features Woodland Musicians which ships in April. The And The Band Plays On quilt pattern will be free and available in April.

Here's a bit more Cotton Couture, which added 38 new earthy colors in September.

Dog Show is a whimsical novelty line featuring your greatest companion. The Dog Show Portrait Quilt is a free pattern by Susan Emory.

The Eat, Sleep, Garden Quilt made up in the collection releasing this month by the same name is designed by Sam Hunter.

The Beary Christmas Quilt pattern by Wendy Sheppard using the Red & White collection will be available in June.

I appreciate humor in The Mushroom Fan Club by Elise Gravel. Below is a glimpse of the Funky Fungi quilt by Heidi Pridemore.

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  1. Thanks for sharing: there are some beautiful quilts! Hugs, H