Wednesday, August 28, 2013


What this page needs is a giveaway. Wouldn't you like to win some washi tape and Frixion pens? If you haven't tried the pens yet, I recommend you do. You can use their gel ink to write on fabric, and when you iron it, it vanishes. I especially like using them for marking the center line when making half square triangles.

Disclaimer: Sometimes there is faint, white shadowing where the pen marks used to be following removal. I've also heard marks can reappear in extreme cold, which I can't attest to here in Albuquerque.

I'm new to the washi tape fan club, but if you need some ideas about what to do with it, check out Pinterest. There are plenty of ideas including highlighting your calendar, adorning candles, gift wrapping, and restyling a headband.

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  1. :) love your quilting, miss my abq friends

    1. We miss you too. I hope you can visit soon.

  2. I am Loving the Modern Quilting. Heading Home to Albuquerque this week. Will get to see the work in person.

  3. Found your blog while looking for the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild site. Then I saw the giveaway and just had to enter...