Thursday, August 15, 2013

Really Random Thursday - Scary Sewing Machines

I'm linking up with Really Random Thursday at Live a Colorful Life.

This, I believe is the most random thing I've seen in a bit, or at least the strangest. This picture is from an eBay posting (linked to the picture). For just over eighty-six hundred dollars, you can be the proud owner of not one, not two, but three industrial strength hair extension sewing machines. You always wanted a Brother sewing machine. Right? Well, now is your chance! Then again, if you subscribe to the sentiment of, "Bald is beautiful," you can spare yourself almost nine grand. Besides, if I'm being perfectly honest, this looks really scary--like somebody leaned over their sewing machine just a little too far.


  1. That is really a bit hairy scary!! Freaky but an excellent random finding!!

  2. This IS random. Thanks for sharing it!!