Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Baaaaaaby Quilt

My dear friend Jenn is expecting her first child. As I'm sure you'll understand, this called for a baby quilt.
Her nursery is done up with handmade sheep-themed goodness in subtle neutral tones.
Taking my inspirational cue from Jenn's decor, including custom illustrations by Tracie Pouliot and a handmade mobile, I set forth with a sheep quilt block pattern designed by Lori Holt for her Farm Girl Vintage book.

While rummaging my stash in search of sheep, I chanced upon some Kokka Cosmic Zoo Saute Mouton, a whimsical organic print. I pulled a shiny, white Hoffman Bliss Blender; a hand dyed greenish yellow; and Kona Black to coordinate.
I realize the black background is a bit gothic for a baby, but I didn't want my selected colors to be so neutral that it resulted in camouflage sheep. Besides, if I sacrificed my hoarded out of print organic Japanese fabric, I ought to be forgiven, right? I also liked the added benefit that baby messes would be less apparent.
I created a two borders for my sheep blocks by cutting 4" white squares and doing stitch and flip triangles in the corners made from 2 1/2" squares (2 black and 2 sheep print).
As for the quilting, I decided to test out a Baptiste fan design in the background.
This is the back of the sheep print. On account of the business of the fabric, is very difficult to see the quilting on the front. I used combination of swirls, stacked coins, feathers, echoing, and pebbles.
As for the sheep, I did a loopy loop on the white and stitched around the other parts in matching thread. For the white squares, I did some dot-to-dot quilting and filled the center with an undulating line.
I hope Jenn likes it.
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  1. I absolutely love it! :)

  2. Of course she will! You've clearly put a lot of thought into it, and the sheep and fabrics are adorable!

  3. Faaaaaabulous! I can hear your friend sing "Baa Baa, Black Sheep" to her baby while rocking.

  4. Aww that's so sweet, what a gorgeous quilt :)

  5. Super sweet!! I'm sure she'll love it!!

  6. What a beautiful and sophisticated looking quilt, plus you pulled out fabrics from your own stash. Amazing!

  7. What a beautiful use for your hoarded sheep fabric! And black is a great choice. Baby's see black and white before they see color. It will make an awesome wall hanging for baby to look at before being able to use it as a play mat. Beautiful.