Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NM State Fair: Judge's Comments

Testing out my luck, and the judge's preferences, I entered a few of my quits in the New Mexico State Fair. I though you might be interested in a sneak peek out how they faired. The judge's critique forms follow each entry. Handwriting varies as helpers scribe for the judge.
I entered Moccasin in the Professional category. It placed second.
Moccasin by Afton Warrick, Quilted by Patti Lueker
I'm not showing comments pertaining to the quilting, as I feel that is not my information to disclose.
Due to space constraints, only the ribbon winners get hung. Arrow Bird ended up encased, Snow White style. It did not place in the Machine Quilted Wall Hanging category.

To the best of my guess-timation, it says, "Interesting pieced design mimics border fabric," and, "Starts and stops on back. Tension needs adjusting."
My Fractal Pepper Tote scored a third place, which I consider to be favorable given that there was no bag category, just a quilted bag category. Since there's no quilting on my bag, it's quite understandable that other bags were given preference.
XLV was in the Machine Quilted Lap Quilt category, but did not place.

Holiday Plus was within the Christmas Wall Hanging category, which isn't under the umbrella of quilts, so it didn't get judged by the same judge. Therefore, I don't have a critique form. It did get first though. Linda Noordt did the quilting.

I entered my President's quilt, but it didn't place. I'm not going to share the critique form since I entered it for display purposes only. It was made as a gift to me, rather than made by me.

My son also got a first place. It didn't hurt that he was the only contestant in the Junior Any Quilted Article category. He could explain what's going on here, but I'm going to bow out.

Thanks for joining me at the fair. If you missed the winners, check out my previous post.

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  1. I was so surprised to see the XLV quilt folded up! I'm surprised at the marks on it.

  2. I have entered my quilts in our county fair twice and the comments are so minimal it's very disappointing! My quilt that got a second place ribbon only had "nice group quilt" as a comment.

  3. I agree that your first quilt has wonderful quilting!! Your Arrow Bird is great in how you harmonized with the border fabric to create your piecing: so pretty. And I LOVE your XLV!! I love the colors and the fantastic center and the surrounding borders: do you have a picture of the whole quilt posted anywhere so I could see the whole thing? And I love your comments about your son's quilt! Gave me a chuckle!! :-) Have a great day! Hugs, H in Healdsburg