Monday, December 14, 2015

Quilt Festival: Handmade

I've long-admired those who make quilts completely by hand, even though it isn't my personal aspiration. I have more of a "Look! Something shiny!" focus level. Whether you can relate to my distractible tendencies or not, I'm sure you'll enjoy the results attained by those with extreme sustained focus and undoubtably extensive dedicated hours.
Yasuko Sugaya's won first in the Handmade category for little Garden, her original design inspired by a Noriko Masui class.
Little Garden by Yasuo Sugaya

Masako Kato strikes a delicate balance between design and color in her third place winner,  My Dream Rose.
My Dream Rose by Masako Kato
My Dream Rose by Masako Kato
Like Cinderella! begs the viewer to ask themselves, "If I were Cinderella, which shoes would I pick?". 
Like Cinderella by Yukio Maruhama
For those of you with laser sharp focus, my apologies for somehow missing the second place winner. You can get a look at my unfortunate omission on the IQA website.
Thanks for joining me at Quilt Festival. There are more categories to come, so come back soon!
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  1. Those are beautiful: thanks for sharing them with us! :-)