Sunday, December 27, 2015

Quilt Market: Moda

Guess what? Moda! Or more specifically, the Moda booth at Houston Quilt Market. Let's take a gander.
For pure adorableness, may I present Bonnie & Camille? Their fabric line, Vintage Picnic is pretty cute too.

Another mother daughter duo, Sherri and Chelsi of A Quilting Life, unveiled their line for Moda, Valley.
There's no shortage of eye-catching patterns for purchase from this mother-daughter team for those who want a jump-start on determining their fabric's destiny.
Vannessa Christenson of V & Co. displayed the vibrant possibilities of her ombres.
Jen Kingwell has Just a Speck, a polka dot collection, and Lollies coming out in March.
Who's your favorite Moda designer?
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  1. I am a big Bonnie and Camille fan but not all their fabric lines have been my favourite--just most of them ;) I am a big fan of Jen Kingwell's quilt patterns and hope to take a class this year in one of her patterns and using her fabulous fabrics--I love it when designer's fabrics mish mash from one line to the next and that you can add on to your stash with their new line.

  2. I'm thrilled with Sherri and Chelsea's lines--such rich colors! I agree with your other commenter about the Bonnie/Camille lines. I usually pick and choose different fabrics from different designers. Who is your favorite?