Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lessons Learned Linky #2

It's the moment you've been waiting for--the Lessons Learned Linky for February. As for January, our winner is Carole, who showed us how to fix a mistake in a finished quilt. To make it up to the rest of you, how about another chance? There will be a prize for this month too, so don't forget to share what you've been learning. 
As for me, I've been comparing methods of making Drunkard's Path blocks for my abecedary project.
I've learned that there are a couple forms of Drunkard's Path blocks: regular ones and corner ones (no promises on those being the official names).
Initially, I tried out the QCR Mini.
Important Things to Know:
  • The QCR Mini only makes 3 1/2" finished units. The QCR only makes 7" finished blocks.
  • The QCR makes the Corner type of Drunkard's Path block.
  • Cutting makes enough parts for a unit and its inverse, which can be wasteful unless that's what you are going for.
Next, I gave the Bloc_Loc Drunkard's Path Rulers a go. 
Important Things To Know:
  • Each set of three template rulers makes one size of block: 3", 4", 6", or 8".
  • You may want a 45mm rotary cutter to get around the curves of the templates easier.
  • You must initially press toward the larger piece for the lip of the ruler to work its magic.
  • No instructions are included, but there's a YouTube video.
  • Some of the rulers are perfectly clear; you might want to add some permanent marker to the top so they don't disappear on your cutting mat.
  • The template rulers are slippery, so you might want to add some Invisigrip or similar gripper to the back.
  • The Bloc_Loc Drunkard's Path Rulers make Regular Drunkard's Path blocks.
Unfortunately, the abecedary blocks I designed need 3" and 4" Corner Drunkard's Path blocks. EQ7 templates are my Plan C, and I'm thinking it just might work...
What realizations is February bringing for you? Do share! One lucky linker will win a set of thread-catching containers. Update: Michelle Bartholomew won this month's prize.

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  • Multiple posts are fine so long as they were posted this month.
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  1. Hi Afton, I love the concept of a lessons learned linky party, and I plan to contribute. I'm still a relatively new quilter, but I've already had my share of lessons. February is a busy month for me especially because I'm going to QuiltCon (woo hoo!), but I'm planning to write a lessons learned post on sashing either this month or in March. Take care, Mary.

  2. I tend to make my own circle templates when I need them; thankfully my DH doesn't mind my asking him to make new CAD templates every so often. Your sketched alphabet looks fun, and I like your site redesign. :)

  3. I use EQ templates a lot. Print it out, glue to one layer of template plastic, cut carefully, repeat to stack up four layers of plastic. With care you can rotary cut without nicking the template too much.

  4. I agree with the others; a lesson learned linky party is a great concept. Sharing a few lessons I learned (along with photos!) of how I made my own bias tape, stitched it down, and errors (ahem...lessons) along the way. Glad to connect!

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know about this link - I have linked up my clamshells lesson

  6. I LOVE your sketched alphabet!!! It's going to be so awesome! I have the "corner" templates from Jen of bettercrockerass. I'm a big fan so far - the little notch in the middle of hers are great for marking the middle of the arcs. I have no idea the QCRs were for specific sizes. I'm a little disappointed because I'd sort of hoped they'd work for a variety of sizes. Somebody should put out a template for an unfinished 5" (finished 4.5") block so we can use charm squares!