Sunday, November 6, 2016

Inspiration From Houston

While visiting Houston for Quilt Market, I found artistic inspiration both inside and outside of the convention center. I got a kick out of these eye-balled gray blobs painted on the side of a building.
 Then I made my family go to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. They were going to be cultured whether they liked it or not. To be fair, I did let them dictate the other stops, which included the Health Museum, Children's Museum of Houston, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
I'd love to have a fabric with these designs, only recolored in vivid, modern rainbow colors. This is a calligraphic album page from the 17th century Mughal dominions made with ink, colors, and gold on paper. For authenticity, I could go for some metallic accents on my proposed fabric. It is said to contain a Persian mystical quatrain and verses from Sa'di's Bustan. I'll have to take the museum's word on that.
I could see this rendered in fabric and hanging at Quilt Con. It's an Ionic tile from late 16th century Turkey, decorated with a Central Asian royal motif.
 I gravitated toward the graphic nature of this marble mosaic niche from late 14th to early 15th century Egypt. Patterns were drawn on a hexagon-based grid in the lunette and an octagon-based grid on the lower panel. Guilloches (today's word of the day) line the sides of the lower panel. English paper piecing this might make the Millefiori Quilt look tame.
This Huari tunic nails the concept of abstraction. The weaving displays feline faces with tear tracks and stepped designs with curls, according to the description. Personally, I'm not seeing feline faces.
This wooden elephant mask is a fantastically abstract representation from 20th century Babanki peoples of Cameroon.
I always enjoy pulling inspiration for quilts from other mediums. If you find yourself in Houston, I recommend the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the Menil Collection and the Contemporary Arts Museum.
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  1. Lots and lots of inspiration! Some of the finer points of Houston. Enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks for the bits of inspiration today!

  3. WOW
    Thank you for sharing these cool photos of your adventure.
    This made my day. Seriously :-P

  4. According to the description. Personally, I'm not seeing feline faces.thehoustonforum

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