Friday, April 27, 2018

Hunter's Star Finish

It's so nice to be able to gift a new little one with some cuddly comfort. My daughter's preschool educational assistant adopted a brand new baby boy. In the recent past, they had the heart-crushing experience of caring for and naming a just-born boy, who they intended to join their family permanently, for a week before the adoption fell through. During this time, I began a quilt with their nursery theme in mind. Then I discovered what had occurred. They were such a beautiful couple, yearning to share their home, that my heart broke for them. I couldn't fathom what a loss that would be. I prayed that they would still have the opportunity to give another child a place in their family. I rejoiced when I heard that a wee one would be taking on their last name, this time for good.

The prologue is in my previous post, but here's a quick link to the Fat Quarter Shop free downloadable block patternA pattern including table runner, lap, twin, and king sizing instructions is available for $5.95. Kits can be purchased which include the pattern for multiple sizes and V & Co. Ombre Confetti MetallicsBacking is available separately. I used a couple prints from Michael Miller Baby Zoology in Sea and coordinating solids from my stash.

As I wanted this quilt to be usable and loved, I went with a washing machine-durable machine binding and straight line quilting following the lines within the blocks. I used the dual feed on my Bernina 750 since, if I use the walking foot that came with my 440, the dual feed knocks into it. I believe there's a different walking foot for the 750 that I didn't buy. Anyhow, it is not one and the same, and didn't feed as evenly. While the design looks simple, it took a while to do all the twisting, turning, and rotating.

Those hands---they belong to my first baby. Boo hoo hoo!

Well, that's a wrap. Though not technically. Because I'm a lazy gift giver who will be so proud to finish that I'll thrust the quilt into your arms completely without the customary packaging and sans card.

Thanks for visiting. Happy quilting!

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  1. I love those Michael Miller prints (I used them in the quilt I made for my oldest niece). I am sure the family will appreciate the love and support you created just for them.

  2. Oh, my goodness, it’s a beauty! There is no doubt that it will be very well received! Congratulations to your daughter's aide!

  3. Very cute! And what a happy ending to a heart-wrenching story. I'm glad they have an Afton-Quilt to wrap their baby in.