Thursday, May 17, 2018

Missing Market

While I'm back at home (since I was too scared to bring the whole family on a trip that would be in excess of five hours airplane travel time), I'm going to throw out some Market highlights from afar. I will be missing Voodoo Donuts, but I can still cheer myself with some virtual appreciation. Pictures belong to their respective parties.

Northcott, the company known for super-realistic rock fabrics, is venturing beyond the traditional, and starting up a modern division know as Figo. That's "cool" in Italian. If you're familiar with Aurifil thread or tiramisu, you know Italian is a great way to go.

Inscription Rock by Afton Warrick 2012
The first set of collections have five contributing designers: Pippa ShawNaomi WilkinsonAbigail Halpin, Annie Chen of Lemonni and Isabel Serna of Black Lamb Studio. Check out their lookbooksIG and Facebook

Guicy Giuce has been making very miniature things with Alison Glass fabrics. I do think the littler things are, the cuter they become.

Tula now has seahorses as part of her Zuma collection.

Elizabeth Hartman has gone Arctic with her trademark style of creatures. Her Sasquatch has gone all yeti on us.

Tilda has me awing over this adorable quilt from Bird Pond.

Alison Glass has a vivid collection, Road Trip, debuting in the fall.

The temptation continues with Rifle Paper Company. The big news on the C+S front, however, is that the original designers will no longer be with the RJR-owned brand. 😮 Some are now promoting their new brand, Print Factory Studio.

I've also noticed some Peter Pan (Jill Howarth for Riley Blake and Sarah Jane for Michael Miller) and strawberry themes (Alison Glass and Stacey Bloomfield @gingiber for Moda) going on.

I better get to some sewing (fingers-crossed) and my teething, booty-scoothing, electrical cord fixated  baby. Happy #missingmarket to you all.

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  1. I did wonder if you were going this time. I still haven’t worked out how it would be worth the cost to attend...

  2. Since I was at my sister's, caring for her after her surgery, Market came and went without hardly a notice, so it was nice to get your recap. Agree with Yvonne--for three days, it's pricey. Again, I am left with the feeling that there is So.Much.Fabric being released, and is it too much? More Alison Glass? How about we just enjoy her past bazillion lines? When I had a chance to speak with Vanessa of V and Co, she made the comment that she was happy to have space between her collections, in order to let that first ombre grouping build its own following. I welcome more of that idea!