Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Wonderland Quilt Along Block #8: The Teapot

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Welcome to the May edition of the Wonderland Quilt Along. Check the tab above for previous posts, and to get all caught up if you're a new arrival.

Grab the pattern if you are ready to jump right in. Since we've covered paper-piecing a few times before, I'll be brief, and share a few tidbits and bloopers.

I've been doing some overhauling on our home, as I come to grips with the revelation that we may as well stay in our 4 bedroom with four kids instead of doubling the mortgage just to add a bedroom. I'd also have to pack up everything if we moved, and I'm no death cleaning guru. This all lead to an additional master closet and faux wood tile. Next will be carpet. I highly recommend Magic Moving Sliders if you have to shove furniture from one room to the next. (Not an affiliate link, though I would love to be an affiliate for Harbor Freight.) This all brings me to quilting out of my son's room temporarily, and using my Omnigrid Foldaway Cutting & Ironing Mat and my old iron on top the ironing board. Cue the disaster reel. So the old iron must have touched the plastic-y ;handle of the mat, and melted it. Then I rubbed it all around my beautiful, finished block. You're supposed to lift directly up and down to press, not what I do, by the way. Well, come to find out, nothing, but nothing will remove black plastic you've melted on your block. Alas, I'll be redoing a few sections. I really should have brought my Oliso upstairs. It pops up on a little platform and doesn't;'t let you singe things. (Download Ebates for 5% off, and use 15FORYOU to get 15% off on the Oliso website  if you want your own.)

Let's get some real advice though, because you're not going to be a doofus like me anyhow. In sections with two pieces, you can actually start with whichever one you want. If you'll be highlighting a fussy-cut section, start with that piece. In this case, print an extra section. cut out the piece you want to use a fussy-cut fabric for, and then cut 1/4" around it to make a window. Use this as a cutting guide, and a window to see what will appear. If you aren't highlighting a print, start with whichever is the lighter fabric to reduce shadowing. When this isn't possible, make sure the darker fabric is trimmed even with or a hair shorter than the lighter fabric when cutting the seam allowance back to 1/4". Also, the bottom piece should be trimmed to 10 1/2". You're printer may want to hack off one edge like mine did.

If you are working with smaller pieces of fabric that you need, sometime you can just seam things together like I did on the green piece above. Probably no one will notice. Unless you point it out, like I just did.

Show me what you're making in the Facebook group and with the #wonderlandquiltalong hashtag on Instagram.

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  1. I love your stories. Keep them coming. With a house remodel, and a young family, I'm sure you'll have more. We raised 4 kids in 4 bedrooms (three the size of a large closet, if you ask me) in 2000 sf. Now that they are all gone, and we have the house to ourselves, we wonder how we ever crammed them all in here. I do remember having the computer desk and the sewing desk in our master bedroom, and my stash was in the extra Master closet, along with computer paper, etc. Our garage was a nightmare, and remains so still (who has time to clean that out?) Hats off to you for making TWO charming blocks and being organized enough to write about it. You are a wonder.

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