Thursday, December 13, 2018

Quilt Market: Tula Pink

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I'm all about Tula Pink's detailed prints and vibrant colors.

Her Quilt Market booth was a pleasure for the senses, as always. P.S. I spy Elizabeth Harthman's Lisa the Unicorn pattern to the right.

Pinkerville is Tula's next line, which she describes as a state of mind, an imaginary world of my own creation, and a place of total surreal escapism where all things are possible.

A new 108" marbled water backing called Blind Faith will be released. Practical Dazzle splendidly quilted this as a whole cloth.

There will be free patterns too!

Marketing genius, Tula, has a special ByAnnie bag pattern, Running with Scissors, that holds her hardware collection perfectly. Take a Stand is the companion project pictured underneath.

Leave it to Tula to create a frenzy. This time she succeeded with limited edition unicorn patches that are no where to be found already.

Aside from the every popular Creature of the Year (unicorn), sea serpents make an appearance.

Ahem, I meant in the Pinkerville collection.

Coordinating dots, stripes, and solids round out the rainbow bright array.

Prints include Gate Keeper with swans, a floral called Delight, water marbled Blind Faith, Enlightenment with butterflies, fanned Serenity, unicorn feature print Imaginarium, and confetti-speckled Fairy Dust.

Let's zoom in!

Are you going to add this to your Tula stash? I know I'll succumb to the temptation.

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  1. I usually shy away from her stuff, as it is too recognizable in the kind of quilts I like to make, but yeah, you're right...this collection has some winners!