Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Wonderland Quilt Along: Finishing

If you're participating in the Wonderland Quilt Along, it's time to get things quilted up. An allover design or walking foot pattern will do beautifully. However, in case you want to do some custom work, I'll show you what I did. My last version had different free-motions designs, so you may want to check that out post first. I also went into detail about how I created the free-motion machine embroidery words on my original quilt.

If you're just discovering the Wonderland Quilt, here's a link to pick up the pattern.

I used large spools of Aurifil 50 wt thread. While I started with an Aurifil Designer Collection, I added spools from my color rack as I went to match the fabrics in the top. The final selections include 2620, 5007, 261520242692, 2784, 2783, 2805, 5006, 2884, 1114, 2860, 5015, 2214, 2420, and 6729.

The bobbin contained cream to match the backing.

The entire background is a curling ribbon and bows. For the Cheshire, I used radiating curves for the ears and nose, pebbles for the main body, and a star meander to match the print on the head.

The teapot and cup feature lines with pebbles, rows of brackets, and radiating curves.

Some matchstick quilting, oval pebbles, and curvy lines appear on the bottle. The cake has ribbon candy, pebbles, and rows of square spirals.

The rabbit has a fur/flame pattern and a branchy meander. (Yep, that's the proper term I just invented.)

The hookah has overlapping arches, a wishbone on the navy and radiating curves.

I learned my lesson from last time, and committed to few words. I did a paraphrase of a line from the last page of Alice in Wonderland.

The flamingo has feathers (of course) and some angled straight lines. Flowers have scallops and veins for the leaves.

The suites were treated to a loop de loop or a curved grid. Mine's off, but this is me being okay with that. The intention was for them to cross in an arch.

Spirals, curvy lines, and a back and forth meander fills the mushroom.

#2785, #2715, #2692, #4644, #2890, #2730, #2395, #2150, #1154, #6723, #2479, and #2606 are Aurifil thread matches if you are using Rifle Paper Company's Wonderland collection and want to match your threads to your top.

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  1. What a fun QAL! I am excited to see how they get finished; yours are both fantastic, Afton. :)

  2. I am somehow missing just two of the patterns from Craftsy. Is there a way for me to get just what I am missing? I am short the key and the bottle. I have everything else.