Saturday, February 23, 2019

Gridster Bee Blocks: January & February

How are those New Year's Resolutions coming for 2019? I'm more of a continual upheaval type of gal.
The book for a newly organized book club I aspire to join has arrived from Amazon. We'll be reading The Brave Art of Motherhood, which I'm no authority on, being several pages in. So far, it reflects some of what I've noticed about balancing my quilting passion with attempting to cherish the fleeting parenting moments.
I've decided to let a quilting group go that meets across town shortly after rush hour, but before my husband is supposed to get off work. However, I'm attempting to get back on track with attending ABQMQG, even though some of my closest friends have moved to other states or other hobbies. Maybe I could even make some new ones, like a mature adult--- the kind who reads books without pictures sometimes, if only a few pages of the first chapter.
I'm mentally preparing for spring: that special time of bunnies and bouquets, the weeks that pass in a blur of melting precipitation before you realize you missed sign ups for summer activities. Then you panic because you wonder what you'll do with four stir-crazy kids at home. Just me? Not this year! I'm going to rock the Google calendar now that I know its inclination to plug my reminders in on a day in 1972, in a month I never intended.
This all brings me to a thinking I'll share my Gridster Bee blocks while I'm not so far behind that I'd have trouble unearthing them from the digital picture archives, as was the case for the later part of 2018. You can check out our previous blocks at #gridsterbee on Instagram.

January brought cute little trees for Carol Gillen designed by Kristina Brinkerhoff of Center Street Quilts. She has the most beautiful Instagram feed. You can get the patterns from her Etsy store. I completed a Geometric Christmas Tree and a Mod Tree, and they came together easy paper-peasy. Just make sure you set your printer to a scale of 100%. I can't tell you how many times I've neglected to do that, but I can tell you it's been recently.

February brought cute little heart houses for Elizabeth Eastmond of OPQuilt. You can check her out on IG too.

She designed the pattern for her Merrion Square class.

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  1. Your bee blocks are so cute. It is so hard to balance a sewing life while raising a family. Planning ahead seems crazy when you are just living day to day with schedules to keep up. It does eventually pass as they grow more independent. You will someday miss these days.

  2. Ah, yes, the crazy days of kids at home. As Needled Mom said, you will miss these days...woven within the crazy-busyness of a home filled with children, are the best days of your life. Yes, there are definite perks to having an empty nest, but they are no where near as wonderful as the days of children at home. As eternal as the "children at home" era feels, it is truly fleeting. Enjoy them and your time with them, squeezing in quilting time with a shoehorn! You do need "you time" so do stay active in your quilt guild. You will find that balance, occasionally, but enjoy the journey with your family. Your bee blocks are great...I'm looking forward to seeing the end results!!

  3. Gosh, but I love your slice-of-life writing! I had several smirks and a couple of laugh-out-louds while I read. So, so funny, especially that Google alert business. Now Siri is giving me advice like "Today is Peter's birthday. Give him a call." That's my kid, Siri, and yes, I already called him.

    Love seeing your blocks and love my two house blocks.

    Unlike your two writers above, I don't really miss that busy time (I recently re-read one of my calendars from one of the years with all teenagers and then had to go and take a nap), but I do wish my children would visit me more. I guess it's either feast or famine. Keep writing--these are the best posts ever!