Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Turnabout Patchwork

Welcome to the Turnabout Patchwork Blog Hop

Turnabout Patchwork provides 23 quilt patterns and the knowledge necessary to create your own designs with the techniques presented.

According to the author of Turnabout Patchwork, Teresa Mairal Barreu, "Turnabout Patchwork is all about playing with blocks—making a block, slicing it up, and turning or repositioning the pieces to make a completely different block ... to yield numerous patchwork designs. It’s a technique that allows you to expand your design capability yet doesn’t require you to master a library of block patterns..."

Because I have a really fun Little Red Riding Hood backing and a couple of coordinating prints in my stash that I wanted to turn into a quick baby quilt with an interesting pattern design, I chose the Coordinated Strips Block.

The Coordinated Strips Block is a great choice for using 2 1/2" strips. Let's face it, if you're like me, there's quite a few jellyrolls that have joined your sewing room.

I discovered very quickly that even edges are very critical in this block, or things will not line up neatly in the following steps. Therefore, I recommend that if you will be making multiple blocks, cut full width of fabric strips (instead of 8" ones), sew them into strip sets, and then crosscut into 8" sections that have perfectly even edges. You may be giving me some eye roll given the photo below, but do as I say, people, not as I do.

After some diagonal slicing, I was ready for some repositioning and sewing.

This led to a new arrangement.

Next I assembled a Four-Patch from the units attained in the previous step.

While I've started off with just one block, each block in the book has a quilt pattern and two or more variations.

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    Now's your chance to win an electronic copy of the book and a pattern from Teresa's pattern store.

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    1. I've never made a turnabout block. Looks interesting

    2. I love your quilt! The oolors just pop! I did make a sliced up nine patch for my granddaughter that turned out well and I loved doing it.

    3. Awesome quilt with great eye appeal & I follow on FB. rozz01(at)cox(dot)net

    4. I've made Disappearing 9 Patches and Disappearing Pinwheels. I love the idea and would definitely use this book. Thanks.

    5. I follow you via bloglovin.

    6. I really like the striped fabric block 'X's and O's.' I haven't tried any turnabout blocks, but this book has definitely got me intrigued.

    7. I follow you via bloglovin'

    8. I really love the X's and O's pattern. I have not tried any turnabout blocks, but I am now fascinated.

    9. I follow you on IG and FB and get emails (but I'm not really sure from which source!) Social media tires me out.

    10. The D9P and the DPW I have made a number of times.

    11. Thank you for the tip about using the full WOF strip sets before cutting for the blocks - I always appreciate those that reduce the "speed bumps" in a project. :)

    12. I love the Rose Garden Star.

    13. I've only made the Disappearing 9 patch but would really love to try the Arrowhead block

    14. Way fun, and cute block. Our guild did a Disappearing Quilt, made of blocks made from other blocks this year, and it was very popular. Good to know we can find them all in one book!

    15. I have tried versions of this technique where your chop a block (disappearing 9 patch comes to mind) and rearrange. Made a cute table runner with this technique. I love the colorful fabric you used for your block!

    16. I follow your blog via bloglovin.

    17. I really like Rose Garden Star, but am liking most of what I have seen.

    18. I have tried the disappearing nine patch and really liked the results.

    19. I have only done the D9P, but am going to try the Diamond Star. Thanks for the great hop and book!

    20. I follow on facebook, instagram, pinterest, bloglovin.

    21. I follow you through email. I've done some of Theresa's blocks through her video tutorials. Have not done this block yet.

    22. Great fabric choices! Nice job!

    23. I have made a Disappearing 9P, Disappearing 4P and Disappearing pinwheel.

    24. I follow your blog via email.

    25. I've never made one. Yours looks like so much fun! Candy!

    26. Following at Instagram! and going over to Blog lovin now!

    27. Yes I have -- A Heart for Four Seasons(I think that's the name). There are 4 options to put the block back together! It's a great technique!
      I really like how your block came together!