Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Quilt Market: Figo

Before I give you a tour of the FIGO booth at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City, you'll want to check back to my post from Fall Quilt Market, as those fabrics are now available in your favorite local quilt shops, and at Fat Quarter Shop and The Confident Stitch online.

To see the fabrics in use, check out my Perfect Treats Quilt Along, which features Perfect Day and Lucky Charms. I can attest to their quality and durability. While I was away at Market, my husband threw the Perfect Treats quilt in the washing machine and drier, where I found it upon my return. 😟 As I would expect from a Northcott brand, there was no visible wear or bleeding. The feel of the fabric was as delightfully soft as it was before washing. The Aurifil thread used also showed no signs of distress.

FIGO's booth concept was clean and effective. Each collection had its own wall in a bold, solid hue. Elaborate paper decorations hinted at textile themes alongside quilts, garments, and accessories. Also notable is that many of the Spring 2019 collections have rayons available (Midsommar-2, Flora-3, A Life in Pattern-3) and Midsommar comes in Strip Rolls (2 1/2" strips) and Tile Packs (10" x 10").

Now, let's proceed to the new collections featured in the Spring 2019 lookbook.

Midsommar, (FIGO website swatches) a vintage Scandinavian summer celebration full of flower crowns and unending daylight, will be available in January. Designer, Pippa Shaw, details her procces on her blog. Midsommar comes in two colorways: pink and blue. The quilt pattern shown is Vintage Lace by Lo & Behold Stitchery. Also displayed are the La Sylphide by Papercut Patterns and Heidi Folder Clutch by Swoon Patterns. Midsommar, is out in January of 2020.

Wanderlust-themed Away We Go (FIGO website swatches) by Yelena Bryksenkova, coming to stores December 2019, is illustrated by the Stained Glass Windows by Quilty Love, Yari Jumpsuit by True Bias, Explorer Tote by Anna Graham of Noodlehead, and Dritz Espadrilles.

Sunkissed is a beachy-keen collection by Lemonni, submerged in summer at the seashore. Projects show are Sun Flare by Meghan Buchanan of Then Came June, the Josette Dress by Ready-to-Sew and the Elemental Simple Tote by Jeni Baker. Fabric comes to stores in November.

Book Club by Carly Gledhill is inspired by childhood library visits, stationary treasures, reading, and children's book characters. Projects include the Adelaide Dress by Violette Field Threads and the Raspberry Rucksack by Sarah Kirsten. Fabrics arrive in October.

Flora by Marisol Ortega is all about soil, seeds, and sunshine.  The Anni Playsuit by Named Clothing and Dollie Mini Crossbody by Swoon Patterns are on display. The collection ships in December.

A Life in Pattern (15 cottons and 3 rayons) by Cathy Nordstrom, is inspired by iconic women in art and fashion, and depicts a life rich with the playfulness of childhood, surrounded with color and pattern. The Olivia Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting, the Crescent Blouse by Megan Nielsen, and Dress 47 by Cali Faye Collection are shown below. Fabric arrives at stores in October 2019.

Ringtoss by Emily Taylor, shipping in November of 2019, captures the nostalgia of a pastel midway with cotton candy, popcorn, and ride tickets. The Cabin Quilt Pattern by Karen Lee of Quiltaposy highlights the line along with the Pearl Baby Dress (top) and Olive Dress (bottom) by Violette Field Threads.

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  1. It's interesting to see how many of these ladies are "surface pattern" designers first, then picked up for fabric lines, second. Many of the fabrics are very artful, and geared toward creating clothing/bags/etc as you noted in your blog, rather than screaming "quilt quilt quilt." Are these lines doubling down on that focus--that of branching out past flat quilty shapes into the apparel and project market? Sure seems like that, especially with their displays of mostly paper. (Quite different than the Moda Fabrics model). Thanks for this!

  2. All collections are really nice. I love the quilts and the accessories. Thank you for sharing with us.