Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Sewing Room Finds at Dollar Tree

Do you find yourself wandering around Dollar Tree and Target, finding things you never knew you needed. Or is that just me? Today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite sewing room items that can be found for the low, low price of $1. (Affiliate links present, so if you make a purchase, I earn a small commission that doesn't affect what you pay.)

I like these Jot Stencil Brushes for the fuzzies I find when I pop off my stitch plate.

These small caddies are a nice size for keeping a seam ripper, stiletto, screwdriver, tweezers, etc. within arm's reach of the sewing machine. The larger size is good for project components and bigger notions.

These organizers are good for small notions, spools of thread, and bobbins.

Hang a quilt by attaching safety pins to the back and hooking them to adhesive hooks. Alternatively, tie a ribbon loop through the hole in your rotary cutter and use these to keep your cutting tools away from curious hands.

These metal hangers can be screwed into a wall or a bookshelf, and have skinny enough hooks so there isn't the need to add an additional loop to cutting tools.

Rather than attaching into the door or wall, you can also choose an over the door hooks.

There's a screw loose somewhere. Welp, maybe not. Use a small screwdriver set to change up preset feet or to assist in creating glue stick, needle turn appliqué.

I found these Jersey Gloves to be a good fit, though I'm partial to my Machingers for getting a better grip during free-motion.

Parchment paper can be used as a protective layer between fusible and your iron, and between fusible and the ironing board cover.

Large plastic bags are great for keeping projects in progress together between sewing sessions.

It's rarely a day when I'm not wearing new threads. Literally threads...
Lint rollers help.

Both starch and a mist of water are useful for pressing. Dollar Tree can hook you up with spray bottles for each.

So tell me, what did I miss? How do you repurpose budget items for quilting?

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  1. Dollar tree has clear plastic jars with screw caps. Since I like to use "old" thread, that you really shouldn't use, I put those spools in the clear plastic jars. Those are the threads I use when attaching fabric to english paper piecing papers. No wasting of "good" thread!

  2. so many good ideas!! Looks like your Dollar store is better stocked than mine! :-)

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