Sunday, December 1, 2019

Quilt Market: Anna Maria Horner

Anna Maria has a vibrant, fresh, bohemian aesthetic.

This fall Market in Houston she revealed her new collection, Hindsight, that is a celebratory mash-up of her preceding collections over the past decade and a half.

The Guest of Honor flower has an added center and has been combined with blooms and branches from Summer Totem. Sinister Swarm moths have been merged with flora from Small Gathering. Volumes are filled with True Colors, and Echinacea has been recolored.

Natural Cadence combines Log Cabin blocks with appliqué butterflies created using Anna Maria's Moonbeam template collection (coming in 2020).

Wheelhouse will be part of a 5 month program called Wheelhouse Medallion Club coming to local quilt shops.

Anna Maria Horner also has a special Aurifil thread box to accompany the collection.

Anna Maria created a memory quilt for herself featuring hearts of fabric from previous collections for shop owners to sign.

Anna Maria's Conservatory collections are a conglomeration of various surface designers. The latest collections center around the theme: wild. Bookhou designer After the Rain, Monika Forsberg created Endless Summer, and Anna Maria's one contribution is titled One Mile Radiant.

I attended Anna Maria's Schoolhouse session and got a closer look at each quilt.

The Wild quilt features Conservatory Chapter 3 fabrics and can be created using traditional, Hawaiian needle-turn, or raw edge machine appliqué.

The One Mile Radiant quilt is created from Anna Maria's collection for Conservatory Chapter 3.

The After the Rain quilt features Bookhou's After the Rain fabrics for Anna Maria Horner's Conservatory Chapter 3.

Monika Forsberg's collection is featured in Endless Summer.

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