Monday, December 30, 2019

Quilt Market: Blend

With four kids at home, I'm a sucker for cute novelty prints, and Blend has got it going on. I checked out their upcoming lines at Quilt Market from the likes of Maude Asbury, Elizabeth Grubaugh, Brenda Walton, Katy Tanis, Mia Charro, and Stacy Peterson.

Dinosaurs may be prehistoric, but they do make timeless prints. Maude Asbury presented Dino Mite, as well as Picadilly, which is a taste of the circus---full of elephants and bunting.

Just to the right was Elizabeth Grubaugh's Out to Sea.

Katy Tanis has Congo Hippos, and Brenda Walton unveiled Storytime with sweet whales and the alphabet.

Maybe I just need a vacation, but I do adore Anne Keenan Higgins' Going in Style. It's a trip ranging from Chicago, Venice, and New York to Paris. This collection with pink, peach, green, blue and grey is out in quilt shops now. Get yours before it takes off!

Other collections include Chasing Rainbows by Maude Asbury, Lions and Tigers and More! by Katy Tanis, Enchanted by Elizabeth Grubaugh, and Forest Friends by Mia Charro.

Stacy Peterson has a charming agrarian-themed collection called On This Farm, while Maude Asbury encourages you to Pucker Up with a fresh take on lemons (coming in February).

Bloom & Grow is by Cori Dantini, while koala and sloth-filled Tree Huggers is from Maude Asbury.

Thanks for coming. I'll be back with more fabric collection enabling very soon. Happy Holidays!

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