Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dollar Tree Fun for Quilters

When pondering shopping destinations for quilting supplies, Dollar Tree may not be the first place you think about, or even on the list. However, there's many handy items for sewing enthusiasts. Skeptical? Let's go shopping! I'll show you.

Remember those handy, dandy Machingers Gloves for gripping during free motion quilting?

If you don't have those on hand, see if you can find a pair that fits snuggly in the gardening section of Dollar Tree. Then, look down. Do you see those kneelers for gardening. If I don't put a foam mat underneath my sewing machine, it attempts to shake the entire sewing table when I hit top speeds. While I use a foamy place mat that I cut in half, one of these would do the trick. You even get a choice of two colors.

Before you get carried away, remember to test out your intended quilting design with paper and pencil first. It's not a pleasure discovering that your micro pebbling takes an eternity before you finish a significant portion of the negative space, but after it's too late to turn back. It also helps minimize those points of being stuck and not knowing which direction to go next.

If you have a Bernina stitch regulator, grab one of these mirrors. Instead of laying your head on the extension table to look under the machine and find the plug-in hole, use this inexpensive compact.

These trays could be of assistance if you need to separate and contain small items such as spools of thread, pincushions, and safety pins.

Speaking of safety pins, Dollar Tree has those too, if you're in a pinch. However, I recommend the curved variety and a Kwik Klip for optimal basting.


If you lack hand sewing needles, and need a quilt bound before local quilt shop hours come around, you can find some in the travel sewing kit hanging at the checkout register.

Organization is always key in one's sewing space, and Dollar Tree can help with that too. There's ample baskets and buckets to be found.

If you are going to dye your own fabric, pick up a pair of these dishwashing gloves.

Show off your quilt photos with one of these slide-in photo albums.

You never know when you're going to need goggly eyes, gem stones, and pom poms. Actually, I have a use for these pom poms, if you check out my Wee Wander play mat.

If you're creating the play mat, grab some ribbon and links as well.


If you snatch up a pair of these for the family, maybe they'll leave your Ginghers alone.

Do you ever want to hide away in your sewing room undisturbed? I think this would assist with that aim. I'm just kidding. Leave those items at the Dollar Tree.

Do you have a mind to try stamping on fabric? Hit up the craft section for themes ranging from princess to sea creatures.

Rather that the ink that comes with the Dollar Tree stamps, use Versafine pigment ink or acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium so it doesn't bleed or wash out when laundering.

Layout out a quilt on the design wall, chaining pairs of blocks together, pressing, and bringing it back to the design wall only to discover you have lost sight of the original layout is no fun at all. A few of these dot stickers with numbers added could easily save hours of frustration. Just remember to put a line under 9, who likes to pose as a 6.

A glue stick is a paper-piecing must-have. A little adhesion on the wrong side of section 1 holds the fabric nicely while you are cutting seam allowance and adding your second piece of fabric.

If you need a non-distracting photography background, give these foam boards in black or white a try.

A ruler makes a great compliment to graph paper when sketching quilt designs. I'm amusing myself thinking about actually using that giant cake eraser. I'm going to let it stay at the store with the camo gear.

Perhaps so of you do mental math for fun, but, as for me, one of these babies is going in the cart. 

Measure twice, cut batting once. I think that how the exhortation goes.

I'm not much of a glamour girl, so I hope not too many folks notice my pants all fall into one of two categories: khaki pants or black dress slacks. For the later, a sticky roller is an essential household commodity.

Do you need some super durable template material? Grab some chopping mats from the kitchen section.

Take care of your machine. While the little plastic cleaning brush is helpful, ear swabs are better at grabbing fuzz that collects near the bobbin and under the throat plate.

That's right, unscrew that thing and check underneath. If you don't have a set of mini screwdrivers, add those to the shopping cart too.

It's beginning to dawn on me how a store with such an innocent pricing strategy ends up with so much of my money. I hope you are able to discover some quilting treasures from this most unlikely of sources.


  1. Wow. This is so awesome! I love a bargain and you found plenty of useful items at the dollar store. Thanks! I may just have to link this post on my blog :)

  2. Great post. I have gone to a dollar store for some of my quilting supplies.

  3. All these ideas are great - my favourite is using the chopping boards for super durable templates. I think I'll be using that idea soon!