Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Favorite Notions - Free-Motion Quilting

When it comes to free-motion quilting, I do have my favorites. All images are linked to shopping sources in case you need your own.

For batting, I use Warm & Natural if I'm being thrifty, or Quilter's Dream. They make a high-quality product.


To baste, I use 505 for smaller quilts and curved pins with a Kwik Klip for larger quilts. Be sure to be outside or in a well-ventelated area of you are spray basting. 


To get a better grip, I like Machingers gloves, as they fit my hands nicely. I also pull these out when attaching binding by machine.

For marking, I use a Sewline air erasable pen if the fabric is light and a Bohin mechanical pencil if the fabric is darker. I like that they do not leave behind markings or resurface. Removal is effortless too. Just make sure you are going complete the quilting before the markings vanish.


I also like to use an Add-A-Quarter ruler to guide my free-motion foot when I am making straight lines.

Self-threading needles are great for use when tying off threads. I just make a square knot with the bobbin and top threads, slip both through the top of the needle, insert the tip of the needle in the hole the thread came out of, pull the knot into the batting, and clip the thread.

What are your favorite free-motion notions?


  1. I love all the same things you do. I usually require one more thing. A cool tv show on in the background.

  2. I just found those self-threading needles the other day. Life saver! I kept breaking those little threaders...annoying.