Wednesday, March 11, 2015

AQS in ABQ: Modern Quilts Part II

The monochromatic piecing of each larger subunit gives greater dimension to Curves of Color.

Curves of Color by Charlotte Noll

Second Encounter tastefully combines ombre fabrics, transparency,and geometric shapes.
Second Encounter by Shirley Gisi

Arrows have been ver popular lately. Put Me In the Right Direction is going to have to join my Pinterest Board of arrow quilts.

Point Me in the Right Direction by Diane Heimel
Modern Medallions has a beautiful, repeated design.
Modern Medallion by Rebecca Smith
However, it would be a shame not to show you how the quilting adds to the overall impact.
Modern Medallion by Rebecca Smith
Reflection is dramatic, with its high contrast and sharp edges.
Reflection by Erica Waaser
Taste of India is a lovely twist on the Log Cabin concept.

Taste of India by Christine Seager @ Quilting Mod
Taste of India by Christine Seager

Even without a rainbow of color, Reed has serious visual impact.
Reed by Weitske Kluck @ Quilting Mod
Reed by Weitske Kluck
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  1. Thanks for sharing these with us. I always appreciate your perspective and how you keep track of the creators.

  2. These are seriously amazing. I don't think I could pick a favorite if I tried! Thanks so much for sharing, these are so inspiring!