Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quilt Con: do. Good Stitches Exhibit

A special selection of quilts from the do. Good Stitches bee were featured in a special exhibit at Quilt Con. I'm sharing just a few of my favorites today. The level of continuity attained in these quilts created by many different quilters that have likely never met in person and the level of effort put into something that will be donated is a tribute to the wonderful online community of quilters.
Ascent by the Do. Good Stitches Bee
I am proud to have been part of the creation of this quilt, along with my Hope Circle bee mates. Check out my original post for the block specifics.

Eclipse by the Hope Circle of the Do. Good Stitches Bee

I love the eclectic rainbow shining from these blocks of various sizes. This looks like a great solution for scraps of all colors.
Watercolors by the Do. Good Stitches Bee

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  1. I was amazed at how cohesive and wonderful all the do.Good stitches quilts were; it seems like it would be so hard to get everyone to coordinate so well.