Monday, March 9, 2015

Quilt Con: Favorites Part III

Thanks for joining my final installment of Quilt Con favorites. Let's start things off with some well-used asymmetry.

Off Center by Charlotte Noll
Applique isn't just for traditional quilts. Geometric shapes show great versatility.

Sticks and Stones: The Border Test by Rachel Kerley
I just love a deconstructed traditional pattern.
Deconstructed Lodestar by Amy Struckmeyer
Traditional blocks used within a non-standard layout and in modern fabrics is a pleasure for the eyes too.
Long Island Modern Sampler by Kim Soper
7 Up captures the illusion of curvature within its piecing and quilting. Debra's design concept is fresh and captivating.
7 Up by Debra Jalbert

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of your photos, Afton, both here and on IG! You really brought Quilt Con home to those of us that couldn't attend! I loved seeing all of the quilts that you showcased, and your photos are lovely! It was a great series.
    (Oh, and thanks for including my quilt in your lineup, too!)

  2. Living in the UK, I had no chance of getting to QuitCon, but your posts have been great. Thanks so much.