Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reader Perspectives: Modern Quilting Trends Part I

My Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day visitors made some keen observations about characteristic traits of modern quilts. I've outlined these thoughts with visual representations from Quilt Week in Albuquerque, Quilt Con 2015, my own work, and recent fabric collections.

Specific Quilting Styles

Dense Free-Motion

Orange Zest by Kimberly Einmo and Judi Madsen
Boise MQG Charity Quilt
If you are interested in detailed free-motion designs, I highly recommend Kathleen's blog. She provides excellent tutorials and suggestions for filling spaces.

Matchstick Quilting

For some tips on this technique, check out Quilting Daily's recent article.

Ceiling Tiles by Amy Garro

Fabric Choices

Low Volume

Ascent by the Do. Good Stitches Bee
Infinite Whispers by Jennifer Chan


What's the Frequency, Love? by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

GLITCH! by Susan Strong

Rainbow Colors

Wavelength by Lee Heinrich
Watercolors by the Do. Good Stitches Bee
Huckleberry by Rebecca Bryan

Text Fabric

This bundle from Sew Me A Song is pure vibrance.

Unconventional Background Colors

Folded Flock by Jenna Brand

Design Traits

Enlarged Blocks

Kathy York's Best of Show for Quilt Con 2015 is comprised on smaller versions of the entire quilt layout.
i Quilt by Kathy York
Anne Marie Chany's Moccasin Block of the Month is an enlarged combination of the Japanese X & + and Sister's Choice blocks.
Moccasin BOM by Anne Marie Chany

Negative Space

Freeflow by Lee Heinrich
Eggs and Darts by Amanda Leins
Gradient by Alys Gagnon

Simplistic Design

Ascend by Nicole Neblett

Modernizing Traditional Blocks

Deconstructed Lodestar by Amy Struckmeyer

Geometric Patterns

March: Modern X by Christa Watson

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