Friday, May 15, 2015

Reader Perspectives: Modern Quilting Trends Part II

Today is the continuation of yesterday's post about modern quilting trends my readers have observed lately. If you missed out, you are welcome to check out the first post.


Southwestern Plants

Succulents Booth at Houston Quilt Market
Sarah@123quilt  noted, "I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of Southwest Desert motifs cropping up in patterns and fabric designs." Lia*s Handmades also noticed the trend, saying, "I noticed that rainbow colours are a huge thing at the moment...oh and there's a new trend going on with succulents and cactus patterns, not just on fabric, but also in embroidery and paper-pieced patterns."

Vintage Inspiration

Tawny observed, "I've noticed that a modern trend is actually to incorporate vintage into a new quilt. I am loving all of these new quilts that use vintage bed sheets mixed with new styles. They turn out so beautiful."

Jen Kingwell's latest collection, Gardenvale, is a classic example of vintage-style for the modern market.

    Piecing Techniques

    Improvisational Piecing

    Las Ventanas by Kristin Shields
    Spiraling Out of Control by Christina Watson


      Quilt for Our Bed by Laura Hartrich
    Balancing Act by Amanda Hohnstreiter
    Funky Junk by Renee Tallman

    English Paper Piecing 

    Fussy cut Passacaglia quilts have been appearing in large quantity on social media. For more details, check out the post at Love Patchwork and Quilting. If you want to order the hard-to-find book, Paper Pieces is my recommended source.

    Paper Piecing

    Icy Waters by Amy Garry


    Medallions continue to be popular. 
    XLV by Afton Warrick 
    There's even a recent book release based on the concept.
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    1. I love your medallion quilt! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

    2. I'd also recommend TheDIYAddicts La Passacaglia Beginners Guide as an excellent resources for EPP supplies!