Monday, June 13, 2016

Quilt Market: Andover

Andover's Spring Quilt Market offerings included reinterpretations of some of my favorites collections and  designers. Lizzy House has white-washed classics and a mini version of Pearl Bracelets.
Alison Glass's booth was tiled in Handcrafted fabrics.
The Andover end-cap was endowed with Alison Glass Sunprints. Eclipse 2.0 by Main Street Market Designs is the large paper-pieced compass quilt.

What about you? Are you a fan of Lizzy and Alison?
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  1. It does look as if it was a very inspirational visit. So many beautiful designs and crafted pieces to look at. I hope you had fun. =)

  2. I was so sad about that glorious compass quilt being displayed in that itsy-bitsy space--it really needed to be unfurled and displayed so we could all see it in its amazingness. I didn't spend much time in this series of booths, but did see the famous Lizzy and the famous Alison, so it wasn't all bad. Really pretty fabrics and quilts!

  3. So many beautiful quilts: thanks for sharing them with us! That paper pieced Sun quilt is just stunning isn't it? Hugs, H