Saturday, June 25, 2016

Quilt Market: Moda

My tour of Quilt Market would not be complete without Moda. 
Bonnie and Camille's collection, Little Ruby, comes out in May. 
Stacie Bloomfield, from Gingiber is a brand new Moda designer. Her black and white collection, Thicket, comes out in May.
Sherri and Chelsi of A Quilting Life showed off Desert Bloom, coming in November. This line resonated with me, as I'm living here in Albuquerque (aka the middle of the desert).
Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co.'s new line is Chestnut Street.

I know I shouldn't play favorites, but the quilts and projects in Franny and Jane's booth left me awestruck. 
First, there was the Baltimore by the Sea quilt featuring their debut collection, Manderly.
Here are some close-ups. Wowsers!
Then these pillows captivated me. The crane pattern on the right is by Juliet of Tartan Kiwi.
And if that wasn't enough, there was the Lotus quilt.
1Canoe2 presented Hazelwood, which is set to hit stores this October.
Here's April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Pattern's booth.
For the ultimate in nursery cuteness, might I suggest Darling Little Dickens by Lydia Nelson? I really love the low volume carrot print, given the generous amount of rabbit fabrics this season. I'd recommend some form machine that scans patterns and cuts fabric if you intend to make the quilt at right.
Then, there's the ever-popular Jen Kingwell. Check out Lawn Star. I don't mean the college guy you hire to mow the yard; I mean the spectacularly scrappy eight-pointed eye-catcher over Jen's head build from her Lollies and Moving On Lawns.
Moda also had a Grunge bar to celebrate their 30 new color releases of this cherished basic. What do you think of Grunge. Are you a die-hard for this blender, or does another line float your boat?
Which Moda lines strike your fancy?
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  1. Awesome post, natch. Great insights for those of us
    who don't make it to market. Like your new name font!

  2. Fun to review this section again. You didn't post my min quilt made from the collection Desert Bloom by Sherri and Chelsi for their booth (just kidding--I'll get over it--it was mostly behind them. I also made them a clutch out of their fabric, too). You always see more than I do. Must be the Camera of Experience.

  3. You're so right: those quilts in the Mandely line are stunning!! Thanks for the close ups of the applique on the Baltimore by the Sea: I'd seen a bit of it on another blog and it had me interested, so it was wonderful to see it up close. Do you know if they are putting our a pattern for that one? Thanks for sharing your pics: it's been fun to see them all! Hugs, H

  4. Oops: I just realized that you had links to that quilt, so you don't have to get me the info about it. Thanks for the link! :-) Hugs, H