Thursday, November 16, 2017

EQ8 Release

EQ8 was just released! Visit for details or ask for EQ8 at your local quilt shop!

I always use Electric Quilt to design my quilts, and was excited to hear about the updated interface and new features of EQ8. While there are over 40 new and updated features, here are my #EQ8Top10.

1. Import Fabric
EQ8 has a preloaded library of over 6,200 fabrics. In addition, you can scan in and upload your own fabrics, or download current lines from the free monthly fabric library. It helps me greatly to experiment with color combinations, scale, and contrast before I start cutting.

2. Copyright Free Blocks
Even modern quilts are rooted in traditional blocks. The extensive EQ8 Block Library helps me avoid starting from scratch, so I can move quickly from designing to constructing in my favorite style. There's no need for me to purchase a new pattern every time I want to make a quilt using a new block, whether I'm paper-piecing, appliquéing, EPP, or using traditional construction methods.

3. Colored Foundation Patterns
As much as I love the gray-scale option for cutting back on printing costs, I really love being able to print paper-piecing units in color. No more hand writing color labels all over my print-outs!

4. Improved Template Patterns (Ability to Mirror Template Patterns for Fusible Appliqué)
Since raw edge is my favorite, this feature is a must-have. I'll be spending less time taping patterns to the window for tracing.

5. Easier Custom Quilt Design Tools
Now block size and position snap right into place! This is wonderful news since I love using non-standard gridwork in my modern quilts.

6. Preserve Aspect Ratio
This feature will be great for adjusting the size of my quilts without distorting the design.

7. No More Hidden Tools
In the past, I missed out of some design options because I didn't notice them in hidden menus. Now everything is out in the open.

8. Zoom In and Zoom Out
I can use Command or CTRL and my mouse's scroll to zoom in and out.

9. Export Images for Print, Web and Facebook
It's the day and age of social media, so saving steps is a major plus.

10. Yardage Estimates
A "buy bunches more than you'll ever need" philosophy can be cost-prohibitive, and finding out that you're short on fabric is never fun one block away from completing a top. Now you can even get yardage estimates for fat quarters in case you were seduced by the sultry bundles, as I have been.

Have you taken the plunge and purchased EQ8? What's your favorite feature?

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  1. I really want to invest in some quilt design software but I use a tablet vs a pc and don't want to chew up so much memory downloading the program. I wish they had a web based subscription service.