Thursday, November 9, 2017

Quilt Market: Andover Fabrics

Andover has some pretty hip designers. Alison Glass and Libs Elliot are two of my favorites.

Alison has new Sun Print and Insignia collections coming out in 2018.

Her bright, rainbow palette is the makings of a happy sewing project.

The strike-offs hint at what is to come.

The new collections coordinate nicely with the previous ones, and some of the new Sun Prints hint and her Diving Board collection.

2018 may be the year of Alison Glass; the Quilter's Day Planner for 2018 features her art anyway.

She also knows how to make irresistible border prints that almost make me want to sew a dress. That is, until I remember I lack seamstress know-how.

Suggested Thread Pairings: Alison Glass Aurifil Collections

Then there's Libs, for those with an edgy side.

She has cool patterns and dynamic black and white prints.

Like Alison, she has a nice range of bright blenders. There's also subtle metallic shimmers. Ooooooh, shiny!

Suggested Thread Pairing: Libs Elliot Wild Side Aurifil Collection

Are you are brights person, or do you prefer a more subdued approach to colors?

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